Original Neo Hair Lotion in Kuwait

Original Neo Hair Lotion in Kuwait - TheAlizah.com

Are you looking for original Neo Hair Lotion in Kuwait?

We, at www.thealizah.com, have got the 100% Original Neo Hair Lotion from Bangkok. We are the only seller in Kuwait to have been certified by The Brand Owner to sell Neo Hair Lotion in Kuwait.

Below is the certificate issued by the brand owner:

Certificate of originality

What is PARADISE INTERNATIONAL? Why is it not printed on our box?

Paradise International is a distributer of Neo Hair Lotion based in UAE, that is also sellling in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.We do not have the PARADISE printing because we import directly from the manufacturer.


Why is Made in Thailand not written on our box?

We have no control on packaging of Neo Hair Lotion, only the manufacturer decides what is to be written on the package. Hence, the International packaging is a standardised packaging.


How can I know if your product is Genuine?

As shown above, we have the certificate issued by the brand owner, which proves our authenticity.